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Instant  and Accurate Search results

Tired of searching your keyword in multiple sites! Not sure which content is valuable for your search! 

Our platform offers an easy way to find the topic you would like to learn in the most easy way!

Type in the keyword and see the magic !

Customized Learning 

learning video education loupe through learningloupe

Different Students 
Likes different sources

Our Platform offers content from various sources and endorsed by our existing users for the validity and relevance of the topic you were searching for.

Reviews and Rankings

Most innovative machine learning engine understands various search keywords and match with our vast repository of search keyword to content map rankings.

LearningLoupe gives the results based on reviews for validating the content quality and ranking based on other searches for the same topic and present the best possible results to the users!

In The News
Content Search:
"Lot of time"

It takes a long time to search for a particular content we look for. The topic I am searching is somewhere in the net.. But how to get there soon?


Aug 25, 2018

Machine Learning

How cool it would be if there is a machine that learns about what various topics are for different subjects. Index and organize everything with trusted reviews from fellow users?

Aug 26, 2018

Relevance Ranking

Learning Loupe platform has a best in class relevance ranking engine which search various video contents and keep them in a organized way and ready to serve for the any particular topic!

Aug 27, 2018


     Thank you so much Learning Loupe for making learning super Easy!.



— Random Times, CA

       Learning Loupe has the best in class search tags for various topic to video mappings . It makes it super easy to navigate to the exact timeline of the topic we are looking for in a long vidoe!



— Rising News, New York, NY

     Thanks to AI and Machine Learning capabilities for making learning an exciting adventure .



— Student, CSUEB, MBA

     Can't believe learning is made so easy with this platform.



— Education for everyone , NV

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